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Sabamangal Vivah Suchak Kendra offers two types of online memberships - Regular and Premium.

Regular Membership Premium Membership
  • Contact details not displayed on site.
  • If another member wants to call you,
    they’ll obtain your phone no/email id from us.
  • This means only members of Sabamangal
    can give you response.
  • Contact details are displayed on site.
  • Members as well as non-members who
    view our site can get in touch with you directly
    for marriage proposal.
  • You can choose which of your contact details you wish to display.
Fees are Rs.1800 for 1 year Fees are Rs.2500 for 1 year

What you get, as an online member of Sabamangal vivah suchak kendra:
1) Profile displayed on website.
2) Contact details displayed or hidden depending on type of membership chosen.
3) Print-outs of all regular as well as premium profiles are kept in the files in our office, so that      members who visit our office can also see it. All members need to send us their photograph to be      attached to the printout.
4) And, you can :
buddhist matrimonial services change your pic / edit your profile anytime
free buddhist matrimonial obtain contact details of profiles you like from us through phone or email.
matrimonial services mumbai ask us to mediate if required
buddhist matrimonial website visit our home-office anyday between 3-7 pm to look at files.